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Each month, Chief Bruegman will be releasing a newsletter, filled with practical leadership advice that he's collected over his career and in talking to those interviewed on The Leadership Crucible Podcast.

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Volume 01 | August 2022

In this issue, you'll find out the "why" behind The Leadership Crucible Podcast. In addition, we discuss value alignment, building your organizational DNA, and look at Chief B's leadership takeaways for the month.

Volume 02 | September 2022

In this month's newsletter, we look at the importance of finding your rhythm in leadership and how you can avoid complacency and intentionally continue to develop yourself as a leadership. Also, check out the end of each volume for a recommend reading list, because readers are leader.

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Volume 03 | October 2022

This past month the world lost one of the most well-known and longest serving leaders in the modern era with the passing
of Queen Elizabeth II. In this issue, we will look at and learn from some of her leadership lessons over her 70-year reign.

Volume 04 | November 2022

This month, we look the titles given to us as formal leaders in addition to the importance of untitled leaders. Whether titled or untitled, we should all strive to make a positive difference every day in the lives of others!

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Volume 05 | December 2022

The newsletter this month focuses on the topic of Accountability and how we can fill our organizations with exceptional leadership throughout, just by focusing on this one very important trait.

Volume 06 | January 2023

This month, Chief Bruegman talks about the importance of adaptability in your organizations and how without it, you likely won’t survive. In addition, he explores the idea of “A New Industrial Revolution” and how it will require us as leaders rethink the ways we’ve led in the past.


Volume 07 | February 2023

When the importance of the bureaucracy becomes more important than the mission, you have a problem. We explore this concept in our February Newsletter.

Volume 08 | March 2023

This month, we look at investing in our people, how decisions can affect them, and a new model of work. We focus on the emergence of a new generation of workers, Gen Z, and include some bonus takeaways from podcast guest Jack Rives.

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